How to Shop


You can shop as a registered customer or without registration.
The registration is of benefit to our customers who shop repeatedly because it tracks your status and history of orders, and it includes a 10% discount (see the Loyalty Program).

All online orders to be delivered outside the European Union (US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Etc…) are free of tax (VAT) !
By default, the prices in our online store are displayed with taxes (VAT ).


  • For new (not registered) customers tax will be automatically deducted from order when you select shipping destination (delivery address) outside EU during check out.


  • For registered customers with „Primary (delivery) address“ outside EU in „Address Book“, all prices are displayed exclusive of taxes, whenever you are signed in !!

Free of VAT delivery means for you approximately 17% off !  


If you already have an account, you can log in using the button My Account in the top‑right corner or you can register upon the completion of your order (you will be asked to log in).

You can complete the registration as part of your shopping when you fill in all your information and then click Do you want to register - YES. By clicking the “yes” box, you express your wish to become a registered user of our e-shop. After your order has been processed, your data will be saved to our information system. The system will generate a password which will be then sent to your e-mail address and which you will use to sign in to your account next time. You can change the automatically‑generated password at any time. The registration will be completed only if you complete the order.

You can navigate the e-shop using the drop-down menu on the left. 
 When you select product(s) from our online catalogue, add them to your shopping basket.
 If the product(s) you selected is/are NOT available, please contact us, preferably via the contact form, or e-mail or telephone. We are able to order any piece (any combination of designs and colors) at the manufacturer. However, the delivery period in this case would be several months. We will attend every such order on an individual basis including the payment options.
 Therefore, we kindly ask you NOT to combine into one order available products with products that are not in stock and have to be ordered at the manufacturer.

 If you added your selected products to the basket, add your information and select payment and delivery options. If you are already a registered customer, please sign in. If you have not registered yet, please fill in the contact information (at this stage, you can register by clicking on Do you want to register - YES).

Now you have to click on Order Confirmation to confirm your order. Do not forget to read and check our Terms and Conditions. The order cannot be completed without your agreement to our terms and conditions.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail that we have registered your order. NOTE: This is not a confirmation of your order, i.e., the purchase agreement has not been completed yet)! Due to the products' characteristics, there is only one piece of a particular product available at a time. Therefore, we always want to make sure that the products you have ordered are actually available. We will do so on the day of your order or during the following working day and we will send you a confirmation of your order or we will offer an alternative solution.

If you decide to pay by credit card (push payment) or via bank transfer, you will receive an e-mail with information needed for this type of payment. As soon as the order has been confirmed or paid, we will pack and send the products within two working days.