Boleslawiec stoneware, known for centuries, is currently experiencing a renaissance. The characteristic look is mainly due to the traditional handcrafting using the stamp technique. Its utility is given by the material and manufacturing technology.

The ceramic products are made of high-quality clay that can be found near Boleslawiec. A temperature of 1270 °C and sufficient duration of final burning ensure that the final products have good durability and are leak-proof and heat-resistant, thus allowing their wide use in a modern home. Dishes can be used to prepare meals in ovens and microwaves, they can be washed in dishwashers, but thanks to its hard and smooth glaze, they are also easily hand-washed. This ceramic dishes have very good durability and are resistant to scratches.


Dishes keep the meals warm and are, therefore, perfect for serving. Only environmentally-friendly colors and glaze, free of any cadmium or lead, are used which make it absolutely safe when in direct contact with food.



You will appreciate these practical properties of Boleslawiec ceramics once you start using them. However, these ceramics will attract your attention by its beauty. Patterns under the glaze made by stamps and brushes are a very prominent decorative feature. This precise and demanding handcraft turns the dishes into a beautiful work of art. 

The stamp technique was already known in the second half of the 19th century and it experienced a revival in the 1980s. A number of motifs and patterns are used, ranging from dots, rings, grids, floral motifs, and peacock eyes to modern abstract elements and their countless modifications. The prevailing colors are cobalt blue, green, and brown - colors that withstand the high temperatures of burning. Patterns under the glaze will keep its colors and beauty for generations