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Elima is a small family business. For 20 years, we have been selling the original hand-decorated stoneware, which has been manufactured in the Lower Silesian town of Boleslawiec (formerly the German Bunzlau) for centuries.

We discovered these ceramic products 25 years ago and we were impressed by its beauty as well as its utility. In 1997, we opened a shop in Znojmo, and in 2008, in Prague. Since then, we have gained trust of customers from all over the world.

We collaborate mainly with the manufacturer “Ceramika Artystyczna” who continues the traditions of local craft in all its aspects. The reputation of this manufacturer guarantees the highest quality of both artistic and practical properties (see About the Ceramics). We are the only one on the Czech market who can order products according to customers’ wishes directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, you do not have to rely solely on what is available in stock. You can always order new pieces to expand your collection without having to worry that you will not find the same motifs or patterns. You can also buy separate products and combine shapes and patterns as you wish. Thus, you can create an original collection based on your taste and needs which can become a decoration set or a fully functional kitchen or dining stoneware.

We have been using this ceramic ourselves for a long time. It has become an integral part of our household and we no longer use any other dishes. We still use the first cups we bought 25 years ago. We have a whole collection of different cups, plates, and bowls with different patterns - everyone can choose the design based on their mood. All the bowls, vases, pitchers, serving trays that decorate our house also have practical use.

Baking and roasting pans are absolutely indispensable in our household too. These pans are suitable for preparation of meat, cakes, homemade bread, vegetables, or pasta. Meals can be served directly in the pans as they keep it warm throughout dining. Thanks to the perfectly smooth glaze, the pans are easy to wash (whether in a dishwasher or by hand) without having to soak them in water before.



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